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Good Labor Jobs employees can expect fair wages and honest work at employers all across the United States. We are a team that takes care of our employees and ensures their safety to the best of our ability. 

Good Labor employees are recruited for work at positions throughout the United States. We recruit for many industries including cleaning, gardening, tent set up, welding, farming, construction, and many other jobs. Workers are loaned money for airfare and incidentals so that they can leave their current location and travel to our jobs. Once at our jobs, workers are taken to their prearranged housing and transportation setup. Workers are expected to show up for work everyday with a good attitude and willing spirit. We encourage all of our employees to smile daily. Good Labor takes care of all of the payment process so that workers our paid the correct amount on time. Housing and transportation amounts are deducted while employees live in the prearranged setup- but this is not a requirement of employment. 

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