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Good Labor Jobs is a staffing company focused on recruiting Puerto Rican labor. We work with companies all over the United States and US Virgin Islands to supply unskilled and semi-skilled workers. We serve our customers by recruiting contractors that we believe are a good fit for their respective businesses. After an in person or phone interview all of contractors must pass a background check and drug test before placement. Once the contractor has been approved to leave Puerto Rico, Good Labor Jobs loans them money for a plane ticket  and arranges transportation to their prospective employer. The contractor starts work the following day.


Good Labor Jobs has an amazing team where everyone draws on each other strengths. Team diversity is our core strength because staffing and human resources often requires a tremendous amount of patience and problem solving. Our entire team at Good Labor is devoted to serving our contractors and or customers needs by supplying good labor to good jobs. When others can't find labor we do.


Building efficient and optimized processes is my passion, and building those processes in human resources is a big challenge. It is like a puzzle that is always changing, and I love it.

Matt Bean

Roll Tide

I am responsible for running and managing payroll for all of our contractors. In the 10 years I have been with Good Labor I have never missed a payroll, and I never will. Making sure our workers are paid is my passion.

Jane Burleson

Hey Neighbor

With over twenty years of recruiting and management I am your access to the workforce in Puerto Rico.

Albert Rivera
Lead Recruiter

How are ya?

I manage the Good Labor Branson operations where we serve over twenty customers in hospitality and landscaping. I see first hand everyday how a job can change someones life.

Christopher Vasquez
Account Manager

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